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We all had a blast at the  2017 Brookside Disc Golf Pro Event in Indy!

  1. We all had an amazing time filming and seeing the 2017 Brookside Disc Golf Pro Event in Indy! The competition was intense, but rising superstar, Paul Oman donned the 1st place belt in the end, and top ranked player, Gregg Barsby hit a smooth, downhill ace to win the $250 fund, as a follow-up to his spectacular 476ft ace last week. It was a wild ride traversing Brookside Park's 20 holes, with throws curving around trees, through dense woods and across huge open fields. It was quite inspiring to see the best of the best disc golfers going head to head, as my first introduction to the sport, thanks to my good pal and amateur player, Ben Dickerson. Disc golf has been skyrocketing in popularity, over the last few years, becoming the world's fastest growing sport! Now, it all makes perfect sense. They've combined the fun of frisbee throwing, with the high level of calculation and accuracy required in traditional golf. I believe that we're only in the beginning stages of the world's next major sport!

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