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Wireless mic your drone? Whaaaaaat?

Game Changer, just wait and try...

Yes, it's true, but there's a "cache" to this. You can only record audio from your mobile device connected to your controller. Secondly this audio is only in the 720 resolution videos on DJI Go apps Cache. There's that cache I was talking about. Haha. Anyway after a few adapters and some experimenting I found it to be really useful for clear dictation remotely or creative shots involving a speaking subject.  

The mic has a range of 100ft, 75ft in congested areas and sounds very smooth and balanced. The drone blade humb only becomes noticeable when 8-10 feet away with the Mavic, about 15 for the Phantoms. You could even edit it out post audio given it's a constant mostly consistant frequency.

It opens up a little door for more creativity for interviews and getting magical cinematic shots synced with your subjects dialogue audio. Also it's just as great stand alone with the iPhone camera. Add an osmo or smove stabilizer and it's game changer for indie film making.


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