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The Future

Multi functional applications for floodplain mapping, forest inventory, hydrology, geomorphology, urban planning, landscape ecology, coastal engineering, and survey assessments.



Generate massive amounts of data and centimeter accurate measurements in seconds.





High resolution imagery captured by UAVs allows for easier, safer, and more efficient identification and analysis of structural defects, hotspots, and other anomalies.

Summer Farm



Efficient land management.

Count plants and determine population or spacing issues.  Estimate crop yield.

Measure irrigation. Control crop irrigation by identifying areas where water stress is suspected. Execute Informed land improvements such as drainage systems and waterways.




Leverage multispectral imaging to identify pests, disease and weeds. Optimize pesticide usage and crop sprays through early detection. Provide data on soil fertility and refine fertilization by detecting nutrient deficiencies.


Building Information


Convert 3D laser scanner point clouds into Building Information Modeling (BIM). Highly detailed 3D models to support the planning and design needs of any project.



3D models that measure density, volume, and elevation, delivering a new level of acuity that helps save money and drive more effective decisions.



Increase qualified leads by 250%. Static photos are becoming obsolete. 3D Virtual Walkthroughs and magnificent aerial views give your property the showing it deserves.



Increase production value with affordable breathtaking views. Engagement + Entertainment.



Smooth sweeping follow throughs create the action and movement necessary to keep your audience's attention.



Life is precious. Using aerial footage for dangerous inspections is cost-effective and keeps employees safe.



Shots have never been more accessible. Regardless of the location, capturing great footage is always possible.

A talented group of engineers, architects and CAD Designers/Technicians have mastered the technology for converting 3D laser scanner point clouds into Building Information Modeling (BIM). Highly detailed 3D models to support the planning and design needs of any project. Having precise data helps plan for projects without the expense and worry of unknown interference and conflicts. We help our clients increase efficiency, save on expenses and work hours, and most of all, we make work more safe.

EpicVizion leverages Micasense technology for multispectral imagery. A highly effective tool for evaluating soil productivity and analyzing plant health.  Our cutting edge land telemetry, soil and crop data allow the grower to monitor, plan and manage the farm more effectively saving time and money along with reducing the use of pesticides, fertilizers, resources and helping the environment.

Epicvizion is proud to work with a unique array of award-winning filmmakers from around the world. They bring decades of creativity,innovation and techniques, that allow us to produce dynamic, premier quality presentations in all fields. Our platforms and extent of services are typically more versatile and expansive than most industry-standard offerings. 
We specialize in highly cinematic, multi-dimensional aerial shots, Elevated Fashion Brand production, Real Estate presentations, Feature Filming and Live News Coverage 
Our team is always ready to FLY! We can't wait to add our awe-inspiring touch to make your next production, EPIC! 
Epicvizion utilizes high quality aerial platforms and filming equipment for 4K, FLIR, LiDAR, Multispectral and LASER 3D scanning. Our cameras shoot in high-resolution 1080 or 4K (4608 x 3456 pixel, 18MB RAW or jpeg) video and still images for use in print media. With higher frame rates of 120fps, grabbing action snap shots is a must.
Safety first is our motto and we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of all involved. Our pilots and production crews are able to produce indoor film and photography services, using state of the art safety equipment and software. This allows us to open up a "Pandora's Box" of possibilities!
There are always many variables in each of our productions, so we strive to structure and present our packages and pricing options in a clear, concise, cost-efficient manner through consultation.  Whatever your budget may be, our team will work with you to produce something Epic!
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