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Precision Agriculture

Maximize Plant Performance

Use Crop Count & Health Maps to generate variable rate prescriptions for your crops and quantify the benefit of your efforts pre- and post-treatment applications. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your insurance claims process by quantifying areas of total loss after weather events using aerial maps. Let us capture the data and deliver to you powerful insights that will decrease expenses and maximize your profits and yields.

Plant Count

Manage and maximize your plant inventory

Our advanced plant and tree counting technology gives you full visibility of your plant count per block, per crop and cultivar.


Easily find tree gaps and underperforming areas which can be replanted to maximize your production opportunity. Plan and manage replanting programs and get the best return on investment.

Use Corteva Agriscience to leverage machine-learning to quickly and accurately assess early-season crop emergence, with the ability to distinguish male and female rows


Quickly identify areas of good, moderate, and poor emergence with summarized population scores, gap counts, and annotated images


Once your data has been processed, receive an automated Stand Count report that is easy to share with colleagues and customers. 

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