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The Virtual Reality Goggles aren't for me...they're for the Director of Photography.

I was patiently waiting for DJI to inergrate FPV goggles into their collection. I knew they'd make a solid showing in function and ease of use across all their quadcopter platforms. I have been dying to be immersed into the flight like a tactical pilot and improve my technical flying skills. But, to be honest I was unable to truly justify their cost until I realized, duh, these aren't for me, they're for my client. So it turns out my clients absolutely love them. Directors and scouts now have an incredible tool to help them get the right shot. After all that's the most important thing besides safety. I was pleased with my clients enthusiasm to work with me again and thrilled they experienced the value I was looking for. It provided them with much more control of the gimbal and its motions. Thanks DJI:) Some highlights of the Goggles: Two screens on their optics carrying higher resolution than single screens (check out the specs below for details on their resolution) You can see crisp detail—almost forget you’re looking through goggles Light glare is not a limiting factor with Ocusync technology while wearing the goggles You don’t experience “stuttering” when moving the Mavic laterally 85 degree field of view There is a slight delay in sync—110 milliseconds from the Mavic to the goggles, but it’s not noticeable Sync bypasses controller so it’s a direct sync to the goggles You can use the goggles to access the menus by the track pad on the side of the goggles and a few key buttons underneath You can use your remote to control the goggles with a toggle and function buttons You can can fly the Mavic Pro with the goggles All of the displays that you would get on your phone screen is inside the goggles Head tracking capabilities: 1) gimbal works separately from flight controls to view surroundings and 2) use it to move the Mavic itself Two screens can link to the same Mavic to watch at the same time 

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