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Video & Photo Editing on the Go

Traveling with a second monitor can be cumbersome. I’m always in need of extra desktop space for tools and an alternate color reference when editing video or photos. Apple monitors are great for resolution and a reference for color correction. So many people use Apple products that it has become inessence a standard for media consumers.

iPads and other tablets are perfect travel companions for computing and app use. Another great benefit is their capability for being used as extra desktop space and a reference monitor.

Using an iOS or droid based app like Duet Display, simply and easily makes this a reality. Simply download and install the app on your desktop or laptop and mobile device (phones included) plug the USB into your computer, open the app, and, Magic! To hold my tablet or phone in place I ordered from amazon a small iPad dual monitor clip. Here-

Mirror and extend your desktop with an iPad, iPhone, or any other droid based device in an instant with little noticed latency. Great for traveling, coffee shops, and even at home or work.

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