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Puerto Rico Crypto Benefit Concert

Via, we have teamed up with Matt Clemenson of to develop some incredible made in the USA luxury clothing items. Our all access look into the Puerto Rican Crypto world was incredible. Our outtakes compiled in the video above show just how star studded and fun it was for us to be there. As for the actual Crypto Conference, well, it was incredibly informational. I am excited to attend the next event in Rincon, Puerto Rico next month.

Some of the key features of this conference include

(i) Diverse Coverage:

From a business standpoint, we can see that this conference will be covering a large spectrum of crypto related topics including

  • Blockchain technology

  • Bitcoin/Ethereum and their future in the world

  • ICOs and how they can be used to maximize business potential

  • Token sale mechanics

  • Smart investing techniques

  • Blockchain regulations and how to work with/ around them.

(ii) Puerto Rico Centric:

The core agenda of this conference is to raise more awareness about crypto technologies within the country. In order to achieve this, some of the biggest political names from the country will be attending this conference. These include the:

  • Governor, Secretary of Economic Development,

  • President of the Puerto Rico Government Development Bank (GDB)

They will be talking on a wide array of subjects ranging from crypto assets, to developing international investor relations.

(iii) Not For Profit:

As per the official conference website, all of the money raised by this conference will be donated to charities that are currently working to rehabilitate the country after the devastating effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria last year.

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